Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Sons of the Great North Album

Lakeshore Records in partnership with Ubisoft are set to release Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Sons of the Great North featuring music by BAFTA Award-winning Danish music artist Jesper Kyd, the beloved composer of the Ezio trilogy as well as the first Assassin’s Creed. Kyd considers this album to be his definitive complete score to the game which includes all of the tracks on the original game soundtrack, plus 29 extras—almost 2 ½ hours of music. The album will be available on January 29. Pre-save here:

Says Kyd: “I’m excited to present the full score of my music for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The album ‘Sons of the Great North’ includes 29 previously unreleased tracks with almost 2 ½ hours of music. My score reflects the brutality of the era infused with the spirituality of Norse mythology. The vast outdoor natural environments are supported by authentic live instruments, mixed with a modern electronic approach which gives the score a unique sound, an Animus-infused take on the Viking sound.”

Track List:

01. Out of the North
02. The Bounteous Earth
03. Absence of Light
04. Silent Ambush
05. Kingdom of Wessex
06. Nightfall in Wessex
07. The End of The World
08. Leofirth’s Honor
09. East Anglia on Horseback
10. Bifrost
11. Visions on a Mountain Peak
12. Son of Fjord
13. Unearthing
14. Shadow-Walker
15. Holmgang
16. The Frozen North
17. Fulke’s Destiny
18. Unharmed Go Forth
19. Nott
20. The Hidden Truth
21. Animus Anomaly
22. Kingdom of East Anglia
23. Encounter in the Woodlands
24. The Well of Wyrd
25. Jotunheim
26. Cordelia’s Vengeance
27. Clouds Over Northumbria
28. The Wanderer
29. Spirit of the Raven
30. Closing In on the Kill
31. Raids and Pillage
32. Rued vs Oswald
33. Plains of East Anglia
34. Sons of the Great North
35. The Helm of Awe
36. Valhalla Nights
37. Return to Norway
38. The Norse Giants
39. Beserker
40. Arcane Memories
41. Leaving Valhalla
42. Goodwin’s Honor
43. Reflections in East Anglia
44. Sunstones
45. Peak of the Mountains
46. Alpha Animals
47. Dagr
48. Loki’s Return
49. The Present
50. Ezio’s Family – Ascending to Valhalla (feat. Einar Selvik)