Horror-fantasy ‘Tumbbad’ has become the first Indian film to open the prestigious Venice Film Festival’s Critics’ Week on August 29th, 2018. The section’s artistic director, Giona Nazzaro, described the 19th-century-set film, co-directed by Rai Anil Barve and Adesh Prasad, as “A visionary fantasy film, rich in visual inventions, special effects and blood. A film that plays and dialogues with both modernity and tradition with extraordinary inventiveness, while also offering a sound political reflexion on the complex relations between the Indian subcontinent, the Western world and the postcolonial contradictions. A genuine surprise.”

‘Tumbbad’, starring Sohum Shah in the lead role, is set to release in theaters worldwide on October 12, 2018.

Synopsis: India, 19th century: on the outskirts of a decrepit village called Tumbbad lives Vinayak, the stubborn, conniving bastard son of the village lord, obsessed with a mythical ancestral treasure. He suspects the secret lies with his great-grandmother, a cursed witch. Confronting her finally puts him face to face with the guardian of the treasure, an evil fallen god. What starts with a few gold coins, quickly spirals into a reckless, perpetual yearning spanning decade. As Vinayak’s greed escalates, it all comes crashing together in an epic reckoning.


“The film’s score is absolutely lush, perfectly appropriate to every moment – whether it’s a tense, horrific scene or a mystical, magical moment filled with awe. I don’t say this often but if/when the score by Jesper Kyd is released to the public – I’ll be the first in line to pick it up.  It’s one of those soundtracks with which you’d gladly sit back, close your eyes and find escape – conjuring up all the visions of the film itself, but standing on it’s own as a glorious piece of art.”
+ Horror Freak News

“The background score is one of its biggest strengths, as it multiplies the impact of the film by many folds.”
+ India TV – It’s Entertainment (Mirror Now)

“…the film is given a swelling soundtrack by video game composer Jesper Kyd.”
+ Screen Daily

Jesper Kyd‘s stunning score is the living, breathing monster in Tumbbad…one of the finest background scores to come out of Bollywood in the last year.”
+ InUth

“One significant element that enables the makers of Tumbbad to trap it’s audience in this reality is Danish composer Jesper Kyd‘s brilliant score.”
+ InUth

Jesper Kyd’s soundtrack also adds to the proverbial terror in debut director Rahi Anil Barve’s movie.”
Times of India

Jesper Kyd’s score switches back and forth between the expected strings of an Indian drama and ominous synths that help the audience change gears when the film moves from dramatic moments to horrific ones.”
+ Screen Anarchy

Jesper Kyd’s background score is one of the best to come out of a Bollywood film.”
+ Koimoi – Inside Bollywood

“The soundtrack created by Jesper Kyd is just flawless!”
+ Bollywood Times

“…Impeccable cinematography and Jesper Kyd‘s terrific background score are some of the crucial factors to make TUMBBAD what it is.”
+ Deccan Chronicle

Jesper Kyd’s background score however is brilliant and has an international feel.”
+ WTF! Zone

“The background musical score – Mindblowing!”
+ Lalu Makhija Expert Review

“While every film has a background score, not always does it merge well with its plot. But for Tumbbad, the BG score is an element which plays its part so well that it just takes the experience to another level. The theme of Tumbbad is another gem from the film for me.”
+ Miss Malini

Jesper Kyd‘s soundtrack blends seamlessly with the narrative to make your cinematic experience even more enriching.”
+ Filmi Beat

“In a film as ambitious in scope as Tumbbad, the environment and soundscape become just as important as the cast and crew themselves. And the score by noted video-game composer Jesper Kyd perfectly complements the haunting atmospherics that together set the mood for the film.”
+ The Projection Room

Jesper Kyd’s ominous orchestral score adds depth to this magical horror mystery.”
+ Filmuforia

“On top of Jesper Kyd’s badass score that I couldn’t get out of my head, I didn’t want to leave the beautifully haunting world of ‘Tumbbad’ and its eternally tortured people.”
+ Culture Crypt

“The stunning soundtrack and background score by Jesper Kyd (Hitman, Assassin’s Creed) haunts the viewers throughout the movie. From its slow atmospheric Blade-Runner-esque sound to the occasional aggressive, heart-thumping crescendos, the score is a treat throughout.”
+ Medium

Tracks from TUMBBAD

  • The Birth of Hastar
  • The Greed Manifests