Borderlands 3

“For Borderlands 3 we created a unique music style that embodies the organic location of Eden-6. Subsequently I wanted everything to be recorded a bit more lively, loose, and organic. It was important that the music sounded more like it was performed by a band in places, and other times I resort to a fully electronic approach. But I always approached the score with lots of melodies while retaining an organic foundation.

“Borderlands is a very intense experience and there’s a lot to see and do. So writing rich melodic exploration music is something we feel fit very well with this over the top and very entertaining type of gameplay. The overall instrumentation is a mix of acoustic and electronic music. The Boss fights goes from purely EDM to more hybrid tracks mixed with acoustic and electronic instruments. I mixed a lot of different music styles together to come up with the sound of Eden 6. I use instruments such as dobro and acoustic guitars, electric and lap steel guitar, live percussion, male vocals, live cellos, live violins (including a drunk violinist), musical saw and I record a lot of my own sounds and performances which I process and turn into custom made sounds. I also use the modular Eurorack Synth to create musical sound design including alien animal sounds. Other synths I use are the Prophet 10, the Roland VP330 and the Yamaha CS80.”

Tracks from Borderlands 3

  • Borderlands 3 Menu Theme
  • Exploring the Powder Cellars
  • Bandits At Jacobs Estate
  • Spaceships in the Swamp
  • Exploring The Dormant Ship
  • Treasures of Jacobs Vault
  • Tranquility Achieved
  • Arrival at the Anvil