Metal Hurlant Chronicles Season 2

Jesper composed the music for the SyFy channel television series Métal Hurlant Chronicles (WE Productions / Humanoids / French Channel 4),  adapted from the HEAVY METAL comic books.

Métal Hurlant Chronicles offers 26 minute episodes, each with different stories and a mix of action, adventure, heroic fantasy, horror and science fiction. The episodes are linked with each other by the famous “Métal Hurlant” which introduces and concludes each story. This strange meteorite travels through space and time changing the destiny of whomever it crosses. Each episode is a new adventure, with new characters and a new universe that can be happening in the past, the present or the future, always following closely a work that was published in the world famous comic. The music clip below is from a 1980s inspired episode called “Second Chances” (Blu-Ray)

Tracks from Metal Hurlant Chronicles Season 2

  • Second Chances (EP3)