“A brilliant soundtrack…with a religious mixture of choir singing and booming organ music, you can’t help but smile as a fan of Warhammer 40,000.” [DARKTIDE]


“a haunting, pulse-pounding soundtrack…synth-heavy overtones with a tinge of ethereal horror, perfectly suited to the gruesome white-knuckle gunplay of the game.” [DARKTIDE]


“Jesper Kyd’s phenomenal soundtrack gives every disembowelment and warp-infused explosion some extra grimdark oomph that Warhammer 40,000’s universe rightly deserves.” [DARKTIDE]


A real treat is the game’s music. Danish composer Jesper Kyd absolutely slays with a soundtrack that mixes orchestral with electronic beats and it is an absolute joy whenever it kicks in. Jesper Kyd’s score is amazing. [DARKTIDE]

Best Soundtrack of 2022 Award. [DARKTIDE]

“In a year with juggernauts such as Bear McCreary composing God of War Ragnarök, it’s hard to believe a Warhammer 40,000 game would be at the top of the list…the soundtrack of Darktide remains an absolute masterpiece. Best known for his work on the Hitman, Assassin’s Creed and Vermintide franchises, just to name a few, Jesper Kyd brings his A-game with Darktide, perfectly capturing the dreary and violent world of the Warhammer 40k universe. It’s atmospheric during the cold and eerie moments while upping the beat during the more hectic events, keeping the players properly invested. It resembles that of a dark sci-fi ’80s film, which is something that perfectly describes the 40k aesthetic. Even after upwards of one-hundred hours in, we’re still bobbing our heads to the boss and horde tracks as soon as they kick in. There’s nothing quite like it and will make you appreciate Darktide’s presentation even more.”

PC GAMER selects Warhammer 40K Darktide among their top 10 PC soundtracks of all time!

“…accompanied by the best track in a stormingly, stompingly good OST.  The soundtrack is a strong contender for the best of the year, to be honest. It’s a body bag full of bangers.” [DARKTIDE]

“as composer Jesper Kyd’s magnificent soundtrack thumps and buzzes in the background” [DARKTIDE]


“enhanced by great original music” [DARKTIDE]


“Set to a phenomenal soundtrack from Jesper Kyd” [DARKTIDE]


“An incredibly evocative soundtrack by Jesper Kyd” [DARKTIDE]

Digital Foundry

“The backing track for all the action is Jesper Kyd’s fantastic score, which should by rights go down with Mick Gordon’s Doom 2016 soundtrack as one of the all-time greats. Warhammer 40k normally restricts soundtracks to dark choral sounds and organ, but Kyd has taken this as a jumping-off point rather than a final result: he’s created a dynamic score that blends industrial beats, ’80s arcade bleeps and bloops, and the sounds of a conclave of Moogs holding a requiem mass in Chartres Cathedral. It’s brilliant.” [DARKTIDE]


“Graphics, sound design and soundtrack are all top notch, enhancing the great melee and ranged combat” [DARKTIDE]


“Part of that fun audio is also the music. Something about tearing apart enemies when an intense metal instrumental starts pounding in time with the gunshots and explosions made it feel much more visceral and fun, and I often found myself getting incredibly pumped during a boss fight when the music kicked in.” [DARKTIDE]


“Music is superb.” [DARKTIDE]


“My favorite part though is the music that kicks in during the deadliest parts of a mission. Bold, powerful, and heavy instrumentals fuel your fear and desire to kill your way through it.” –


“The score was done by none other than Jesper Kyd (also known from Assassin’s Creed series, as well as Vermintide 2) and what the composer achieved seem to elude human comprehension. It was surely the Emperor himself who’d inspired Kyd to write one of the most captivating gaming music scores ever. From choral gothic chants to fast-paced, addictive techno beats, Kyd captures the eclectic spirit of Warhammer 40k like none other. For me, this is the best score of the year, which is saying a lot, because the competition was fierce…I still have to think about it, but this may even be the best score to a video game ever? Chopping, slicing and dicing to Kyd’s beats elevates Darktide to a whole new level of quality – you’ll be impressed, delighted, smitten, and more than once in the middle of a fight, you might catch yourself thinking “By the emperor! Is this really happening?”

Every Journey in Valhalla feels incredible…with Jesper Kyd and cos swelling atmospheric score in your ears. [ASSASSIN’S CREED VALHALLA]

+Games Radar

Kyd captures the mystique of the Viking fantasy at the core of the game. [ASSASSIN’S CREED VALHALLA]

+Game Informer

There’s a lot of great tracks here and I know I’m going to be listening to the full OST very often. [ASSASSIN’S CREED VALHALLA]


I also wanted to give a special mention to Jesper Kyd, Sarah Schachner and Einar Selvik…bringing these people back….makes for some of the best (and iconic) talent that an Assassin’s Creed game has ever gotten. The music in this game feels wholly original…[ASSASSIN’S CREED VALHALLA]


“The film’s score is absolutely lush, perfectly appropriate to every moment – whether it’s a tense, horrific scene or a mystical, magical moment filled with awe. I don’t say this often but if/when the score by Jesper Kyd is released to the public – I’ll be the first in line to pick it up.  It’s one of those soundtracks with which you’d gladly sit back, close your eyes and find escape – conjuring up all the visions of the film itself, but standing on it’s own as a glorious piece of art.” Movie Review: 5/5 [TUMBBAD]

+Horror Freak News

“It’s rare that something comes together as well as the trifecta of score, direction and scope does, but TUMBBAD manages to create something really special.” Movie Review: 5/5


“…Jesper Kyd‘s stunning score is the living, breathing monster in TUMBBAD…one of the finest background scores to come out of Bollywood in the last year.”

“One significant element that enables the makers of TUMBBAD to trap it’s audience in this reality is Danish composer Jesper Kyd‘s brilliant score.

+ InUth

“The soundtrack created by Jesper Kyd is just flawless!” [TUMBBAD]

+ Bollywood Times

“However, an additional sense of inexplicable terror was the result of its background score, given by the famed Assassin’s Creed composer, Jesper Kyd. An ominous and wondrous music trails the characters’ footsteps setting for a gripping journey into the womb of TUMBBAD.

The stunning soundtrack and background score by Jesper Kyd (Hitman, Assasin’s creed) haunts the viewers throughout the movie. From its slow atmospheric Blade Runner-esque sound to the occasional aggressive, heart-thumping crescendos, the score is a treat throughout.” [TUMBBAD]


“…the film is given a swelling soundtrack by video game composer Jesper Kyd.” [TUMBBAD]

+Screen Daily

“The background score is one of its biggest strengths, as it multiplies the impact of the film by many folds.” [TUMBBAD]

+India TV – It’s Entertainment (Mirror Now)

Jesper Kyd’s soundtrack also adds to the proverbial terror in debut director Rahi Anil Barve’s movie.” [TUMBBAD]

Times of India

Jesper Kyd’s score switches back and forth between the expected strings of an Indian drama and ominous synths that help the audience change gears when the film moves from dramatic moments to horrific ones.” [TUMBBAD]

+ Screen Anarchy

Jesper Kyd’s background score is one of the best to come out of a Bollywood film.” [TUMBBAD]

+ Koimoi – Inside Bollywood

“…Impeccable cinematography and Jesper Kyd‘s terrific background score are some of the crucial factors to make TUMBBAD what it is.”

+Deccan Chronicle

Jesper Kyd’s background score however is brilliant and has an international feel.” [TUMBBAD]

+ WTF! Zone

“The background musical score – Mindblowing!” [TUMBBAD]

Lalu Makhija Expert Review

“While every film has a background score, not always does it merge well with its plot. But for TUMBBAD, the BG score is an element which plays its part so well that it just takes the experience to another level. The theme of TUMBBAD is another gem from the film for me.”

+ Miss Malini

Jesper Kyd‘s soundtrack blends seamlessly with the narrative to make your cinematic experience even more enriching.” [TUMBBAD]

+ Filmi Beat

“In a film as ambitious in scope as TUMBBAD, the environment and soundscape become just as important as the cast and crew themselves. And the score by noted video-game composer Jesper Kyd perfectly complements the haunting atmospherics that together set the mood for the film.”

+ The Projection Room

Jesper Kyd’s ominous orchestral score adds depth to this magical horror mystery.” [TUMBBAD]

+ Filmuforia

“On top of Jesper Kyd’s badass score that I couldn’t get out of my head, I didn’t want to leave the beautifully haunting world of ‘TUMBBAD’ and its eternally tortured people”.  [TUMBBAD]

Culture Crypt

“The stunning soundtrack and background score by Jesper Kyd (Hitman, Assassin’s creed) haunts the viewers throughout the movie. From its slow atmospheric Blade Runner-esque sound to the occasional aggressive, heart-thumping crescendos, the score is a treat throughout”.

+ Medium

“BORDERLANDS: THE PRE-SEQUEL! CLAPTASTIC VOYAGE is quite possibly the best electronic VGM score we’ve ever heard.”

+ Damn Fine Network

“Fantastic musical score.” [BATTLE CHASERS: NIGHTWAR]

+ GameSpot

“An eerie-yet-powerful score sets the tone for a series of grueling turn-based battles.”  [BATTLE CHASERS: NIGHTWAR]

+ Game Informer

“The music in BATTLE CHASERS: NIGHTWAR is a great score and sets the mood for battles and exploring.”

+ DualShockers

Jesper Kyd also composes [BATTLE CHASERS: NIGHTWAR’s] soundtrack, and just like he did in DARKSIDERS II, he created a unique take on the game with softer tunes, especially in combat, that work very well.”

+ PlayStation Universe

“Our favorite part of [ROBINSON: THE JOURNEY] might just be the soundtrack…With a combination of ’80s synth and acoustic instruments, BAFTA-winning composer Jesper Kyd more than lives up to his Assassin’s Creed fame.”

+ Oculus

“ROBINSON: THE JOURNEY is one of few video game soundtracks that truly stands on its own as a cohesive piece of music.”

+ Modern Vinyl

“The music [STATE OF DECAY SURVIVAL EDITION] is sublimely beautiful but has an air of sinister intention lurking behind.”

+ Bloody Disgusting

“All enhanced by Jesper Kyd‘s minimal but brilliant [STATE OF DECAY] score.”

+ Forbes

“The excellent [STATE OF DECAY] music was written by the equally excellent Jesper Kyd.”

+ Eurogamer

“It’s absolutely mind blowing how well this soundtrack plays on its own.” [BORDERLANDS – THE PRE-SEQUEL]

+ Agents of Geek

Jesper Kyd’s DARKSIDERS II score is one of the best game soundtracks of the year.”

+ Game Informer

“The Corruption [DARKSIDERS II] builds to this awesome climax that gets my heart racing every time.”

+ Entertainment Weekly (Staff Picks)

“A soundtrack from BAFTA award-winning composer Jesper Kyd certainly contends for best of the year. Kyd captures the world of DARKSIDERS II perfectly, with his excellent overworld songs, as well as intense battle themes. Even with such a magnificent presentation, DARKSIDERS II’s soundtrack stands out as a blueprint for what a great score can mean for a next generation title.”

+ Fangoria

Kyd’s DARKSIDERS II is a strikingly beautiful miasma of female vocals, vaguely medieval percussion, emotional orchestrations and ethereal doom. Rarely has the End of video game Days had such a poetic atmosphere, one that could often function just as well inside a Tron game as a home entertainment center. Never failing to take an interestingly melodic character path, as opposed to engaging in wantonly barbaric action, Kyd manages to deliver the metal-banging goods while going for surreal atmosphere. DARKSIDERS II conjures a captivating mood that’s all things to all players, and certainly the most interesting and unique stab this composer has taken in his penchant for death-dealing, the clash of blade against demon skin almost existential in its impact.”

+ Film Music Magazine

Jesper Kyd‘s excellent soundtrack for DARKSIDERS 2 stands out by avoiding fantasy norms. Instead of the epic orchestral scores that are common in this genre, Kyd’s layered tracks bend into unexpected directions that mirror Death’s journey. Each song conveys emotions beyond struggle and victory, arguably giving more life to the game than the actual narrative. Kyd’s compositions lend DARKSIDERS 2 a haunting undertone — just one more reason for the game to stick with you long after you’ve finished.”

+ Polygon

Jesper Kyd‘s [DARKSIDERS II] soundtrack is as lush and gorgeous as the artwork… I even recommend the soundtrack to folks who aren’t actually playing through the game – it’s that good.”

+ VentureBeat

“The sense of scale and scope is at times breathtaking, complemented by Jesper Kyd‘s fantastic, rousing score.”

+ The Telegraph

“Another strong component of [Kyd’s] score is the heroic core that ties all those diverse apocalyptic elements together. Our main character may be Death himself, but he’s not just a slaughtering fiend; Kyd‘s themes give him a nobility to go with his terrifying and powerful presence…a sweeping, dark universe for our ominous Horseman and his foes to inhabit, providing a powerful compliment to the action.”

+ FEARnet

“The soundtrack is easily one of my favorite video game soundtracks of all time. It’s fantastic. Kyd successfully manages to flow between epic, sweeping orchestral scores and more ambient, even haunting tracks. It’s in your face when it needs to be, then it fades into the background, if only so it can jump back into your welcoming ears to remind you just how good it is.”

+ Bloody Disgusting

Jesper‘s unique sound can be heard in every song on the soundtrack, and beautiful orchestral compositions mesh perfectly with the mesmerizing graphical presentation and often chaotic battles across parts of Hell and Earth. The DARKSIDERS II soundtrack produces many instant classics such as The Maker’s Theme, Into Eternity and The Corruption that are sure to become fan favorites. There are also some really intense scores such as Stains of Heresy and Death Brings Hope which will make for some fun times in combat and exploring the many worlds of the game. The DARKSIDERS II soundtrack is easily one of the best of the year.”

+ DreadCentral

“ASSASSIN’S CREED’s unique score from Jesper Kyd defines the series for fans around the world.”

+ Official PlayStation Magazine

“The Best of 2011: There is no way you can imagine yourself role-playing as a white-clad assassin in 1511 AD Constantinople without Jesper Kyd‘s melting pot of acoustic and electronic music accompanying the game in the background.”

+ Sound Byte

“One thing we agreed on regarding all of 2011’s Best Music nominees was that the games wouldn’t have been the same without their awesome soundtracks. Can you imagine climbing to the top of one of Constantinople’s skyscraping towers, but not hearing Jesper Kyd‘s [ASSASSIN’S CREED] synchronization theme emanate from your speakers as the camera circles the landscape? The emotional response you have to these games is facilitated–and sometimes, even created–by the outstanding music that accompanies your actions.”

+ GameSpot

Jesper‘s music is intricately tied to the gameplay experience. I can speak to this personally, but the success of Jesper’s music speaks globally. ASSASSIN’S CREED and the stories woven within are inextricably tied to Jesper’s music, just as Jesper’s music is bound to ASSASSIN’S CREED. I can’t hear a note of Jesper’s ASSASSIN’S CREED music without yearning to play the game.”

+ Top Score

“Composer Jesper Kyd has outdone himself with his soundtrack for ASSASSIN’S CREED II. The man behind the music of the HITMAN series and of course, the award winning original ASSASSIN’S CREED, has crafted an exquisite score for the highly rated sequel…Jesper does phenomenally in his blending of old-world music themes with 21st compositional styles, creating pieces where orchestral music meets choir voices from antiquity with just the right application of an electric guitar line to keep it grounded in a modern mode…it’s the up tempo and Mediterranean folk-inspired material that really shine here. Songs including “Venice Escape,” “Flight Over Venice” and “Florence Escape” (both of the later songs are included here for your streaming pleasure) are extraordinary examples of Jesper’s skills. He nails the mood and tone of the game’s visuals so well, you can picture Ezio soaring over Italian cities in Da Vinci’s flying machine or sneaking up behind his victim to execute a precision, um, well, execution.”

+ G4TV

“Composer Jesper Kyd recently crafted one of the best contemporary video game scores we’ve ever heard for ASSASSIN’S CREED II, and we’re equally pleased with his contributions to the soundtrack for the wildly popular Action RPG BORDERLANDS …Kyd’s “Bring Your Guns” is a dynamic piece with a world music vibe. If you want to be transported into the realm of BORDERLANDS, this is the track to check out.”


“The music of ASSASSIN’S CREED II is paramount to this experience. Whether listening to a quiet choir as I scaled a tower or hearing soft but up-tempo tinkling piano as I skipped across the tiles of a roof, I found the dynamic soundtrack keeping up with me, its intensity varying with my actions.”


Kyd‘s score for the open-world action adventure ASSASSIN’S CREED II is his best work yet. And it’s some of the best game music we’ve ever heard…Kyd has created a beautiful, sweeping soundtrack that’s just as epic as anything you’d hear in a contemporary cinematic epic…For ASSASSIN’S CREED II, Kyd blends rich instrumentation and lush vocals into compositions which have a modern-day musical aesthetic, and yet they feel right at home in Renaissance Italy…”Earth,” the atmospheric opening theme, sets the tone with haunting vocal solos scattered throughout. The cues established here are revisited on “Ezio’s Family,” which adds a sense of danger with urgent-sounding keyboards and strings. It’s tough to pick a favorite, but these two stand out. “Venice Rooftops” is the score’s most in-the-present track. It’s an action-oriented piece driven by guitar power chords. “Tour of Venice” is another highlight, evoking all of the emotion that a song about the beautiful Italian city should. The action is intense on “Venice Escape,” which brings some Middle Eastern elements into the mix, as well as on the heavily percussive “Chariot Chase.” “Sanctuary,” “Flight Over Venice,” and “Leonardo’s Inventions” are other must-hear tracks, but we hesitate to even single those out as this recording truly deserves to be listened to and savored in its entirety. Ubisoft clearly knows the slice of sonic genius they’ve got on their hands…It may be the best game score ever. Forreal.”


“There’s no question about it, Jesper Kyd IS the sound of HITMAN. The Danish born composer has delivered memorably epic scores to the ongoing saga for years and racked up an impressive list of awards for his work.”


“With HITMAN, Kyd showcased his traditional compositional skills, recording the score in Eastern Europe with a full orchestra and choir and achieving a grand scale on par with classic cinema scores.”


“Composer Jesper Kyd has become synonymous with the HITMAN franchise. He is to [HITMAN] like John Williams is to Steven Spielberg; one cannot possibly fathom a new HITMAN entry being released without an accompanying Kyd score. Known for his dark orchestral compositions and continued use of the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and the Hungarian Radio Choir, Kyd has carved out a sonic niche that encapsulates the futuristic cold-blooded killer and mysterious espionage aspects of the [series] perfectly.”


“Part of what’s lent the HITMAN series its distinct identity over the years is the memorable scoring of composer Jesper Kyd, who returned in top form for the original soundtrack to the latest game in the series…the soundtrack to BLOOD MONEY is cohesive and stylish.”


“[HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY] is extraordinarily moody, aided considerably by Jesper Kyd’s surreal and beautiful soundtrack.”

+ Official Xbox Magazine

“Once again Jesper Kyd has done an astonishing job bringing his classical HITMAN score to life through the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. Usually we wouldn’t mention the music that’s playing on the menu screen but with HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY it perfectly sets the tone to come and perfectly accents the action while you’re in a mission.”


“Composer Jesper Kyd returns, creating a score that once again precisely drives your emotions throughout each evolving mission.”


“HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY combines the best of [Kyd’]s orchestral elements with swirling chunks of electronic ambiance to fully capture the return of Agent 47 via haunting choral arrangements and pulsating down-tempo synthesized beats.”


“The score to HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY combines Kyd‘s lush orchestral passages with intricate electronic embellishment, the end result being the merging of classic organic motifs and pulsating ambient technology to create an ethereal vibe that compliments the changing, albeit usually dark, themes and moods of the game itself.”


“Many have tried to turn a video game soundtrack into a musical experience. But few have succeeded in creating a coherent, satisfying listening experience as well as Jesper Kyd who scored HTIMAN: CONTRACTS.”

+ EQ Magazine

Jesper Kyd‘s [HITMAN: CONTRACTS] soundtrack is entirely different than any of his work on previous titles, yet it’s distinctly his own, and it’s both impressive in what he does and what he elects not to do…Jesper Kyd can’t be beat. His eerie atmospheric music is very different than previous titles, but it’s awesome.”


“If the original HITMAN’s soundtrack was sedated, and the second a full-on symphonic masterpiece, this time, Jesper Kyd has created grim, ambient pieces with brooding beats that fit the visual look of the title like a glove…the tunes seriously enforce the badass persona of Agent 47.”


“The highlight of HITMAN: CONTRACTS’ audio is a musical score by Jesper Kyd who delivered the memorable musical score to last year’s FREEDOM FIGHTERS. The music here is electronic, rife with synthesized bass and heavy percussion, and is much closer to that of the original HITMAN than the orchestral score found in HITMAN 2. It works extremely well with the game’s gritty and stylish settings…dynamically changes to fit the action and adds a layer of suspense and tension to the proceedings.”

+ GameSpot

“Without doubt the strongest aspect of the game lies in the audio stakes as once again IO Interactive have enlisted the assistance of Jesper Kyd, having worked on both HITMAN: CODENAME 47 and HITMAN 2: SILENT ASSASSIN along with IO Interactive’s other venture FREEDOM FIGHTERS. The music represents the same change in the look and feel of the game, resulting in a score rife with drum beats and electronic synthesizers – about as far removed from the orchestral soundtrack featured in HITMAN 2 as you could expect but equally as good.”


Jesper Kyd‘s soundtrack to [FREEDOM FIGHTERS] melds epic symphonia with dark electronic ambiance…it builds upon Kyd’s love of eclectic electronicism and reverence for ominous orchestral movements…the choir dominates lifting it into the realms of epic post-Gothicness.”