Darktide 40K

“A brilliant soundtrack…with a religious mixture of choir singing and booming organ music, you can’t help but smile as a fan of Warhammer 40,000.” – USA TODAY

PC GAMER selects Warhammer 40K Darktide among their top 10 soundtracks of all time!

“as composer Jesper Kyd’s magnificent soundtrack thumps and buzzes in the background”

“…particularly when a John Carpenter-sounding synth track rife with catchy metal clangs commemorates the occasion.” – IGN

“The backing track for all the action is Jesper Kyd’s fantastic score, which should by rights go down with Mick Gordon’s Doom 2016 soundtrack as one of the all-time greats. Warhammer 40k normally restricts soundtracks to dark choral sounds and organ, but Kyd has taken this as a jumping-off point rather than a final result: he’s created a dynamic score that blends industrial beats, ’80s arcade bleeps and bloops, and the sounds of a conclave of Moogs holding a requiem mass in Chartres Cathedral. It’s brilliant.”

“Graphics, sound design and soundtrack are all top notch, enhancing the great melee and ranged combat” – MSN

“Part of that fun audio is also the music. Something about tearing apart enemies when an intense metal instrumental starts pounding in time with the gunshots and explosions made it feel much more visceral and fun, and I often found myself getting incredibly pumped during a boss fight when the music kicked in.” – GAME TYRANT

…music is superb – GAME REACTOR

“My favorite part though is the music that kicks in during the deadliest parts of a mission. Bold, powerful, and heavy instrumentals fuel your fear and desire to kill your way through it.” –  XBOX ERA


Tracks from Darktide 40K

  • Darktide Main Theme
  • City of Tertium